Pre-Qualification Program

Pre-Qualification Program

Service Providers and Contractors wishing to undertake work on behalf of Hydro One Sault Ste Marie LP by its General Partner, Hydro One Sault Ste. Marie Inc, must be pre-qualified through a process established for its business operations. The pre-qualification process is used to determine the ability of a Service Provider/Contractor to meet certain criteria, with an emphasis on demonstrated safety and environmental performance relating to Site work.

Some sections of the Pre-Qualification Application Form may not apply to all applicants because of the nature of the work/services performed or because of the size of the business. All required sections of the form must be completed and the application submitted with the requested, supporting documents for Hydro One SSM review and evaluation. Applications may be submitted by regular mail, e-mail or by fax.

An incomplete application and insufficient documentation will cause a delay in the evaluation process. Further information regarding the pre-qualification process or assistance with completion of the application form can be obtained by contacting Hydro One SSM.

Once an applicant has been successfully pre-qualified, Hydro One SSM will provide notification confirming the risk level of the work approved. When work is subsequently awarded, there will be an additional requirement for all Site workers to attend an Orientation Session to review Hydro One SSM’s health, safety and environmental philosophy, policies and requirements prior to commencing work at any Hydro One SSM facility. Further documentation demonstrating specific job site safety and environmental analysis as well as worker qualifications, credentials, training histories and criminal checks may also be requested for review by Hydro One SSM.

Submission of Annual Update information, subject to Hydr One SSM review, evaluation and approval, is required to remain on Hydro One SSM’s roster of pre-qualified service providers/contractors. You will be reminded of this requirement annually.

If at any time subsequent to successful pre-qualification, your business wishes to be considered for work of a different nature or work at a higher risk level, submission of a new Pre-Qualification Application will be required.

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Pre-Qualification Program
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